#01 One Direction

He came from the right, certain of the path to follow, but was forced to stop. He was undoubtedly at a crossroads and required to make a choice. Just when he had come out of a painful process that requires him to make the choices faced by those who have no choice.

Where to go? Go back? How to change level? How to face the north? Or is it the south? Where to change direction? What is the colour of the night with so many dazzling lights? Where to find the sea? And the tree of his childhood? Where did the light of the full moon come from? How to watch the smile of the driver alongside? Turn right again? Maybe left? How to get out of there?

Between the unknown and anguish, he opted for the unknown, closing his eyes: using the limited space in front of him, he moved forward, straight ahead, in a continuous line, as if his existence was destined to be travelled along just as a one-way road.