Photo-Scripts, ed. 2018, comprises fourteen short stories, all independent from each other, and can be read like a book of short stories.
They are fourteen exercises based on a certain roaming of our gaze, but also of our writing fictionalised from reality, seeking meaning in moments that could easily go unnoticed.

Photo-Scripts, ed. 2018, is an exhibition of loose ends, based on narratives that are more or less consistent, but capable of showing a world of small complexities. It is part of a pre-conceived itinerary, intended to reveal simple stories from almost nothing, at times just a little something, following a logic that contradicts the clichéd idea that only decisive moments are worthy of being retold.

Photo-Scripts, ed. 2018, is essentially the start of an ambitious project intended to give visibility to some of the multiple invisibilities and insignificances that constantly rush before our eyes.