Blood, Sweat & Tears



1. On 28 October 2017 a boxing match between Chinese boxer Fanlong Meng, born in 1988, and Ghanaian boxer Emmanuel Omari Danso, born in 1989, took place in Macau, People’s Republic of China.
This fight, which unfolded in 10 rounds, would decide the International Boxing Federation Inter-Continental Light Heavyweight Championship title.
The Chinese boxer won and was awarded the title by unanimous decision of the judges.

2. Danso lives in Accra, home to many famous boxers in Ghana. “Men like to fight,” a veteran was telling me. “It’s here where they come, because it’s here where they find the best”.
He drills with humility and rigor every day of the week, twice a day. Incidentally, as everyone else. You can see his focused gaze, the hard work and care he puts into practice. He dedicates himself to each session as if each moment was part of the combat of a title; a way to gain glory.

3. Fate determined that Emmanuel Danso would dispute in Macau the IBF Inter-Continental Light Heavyweight Championship title. It was this fate that put him at the center of this narrative.
The project called “Blood, Sweat & Tears” consists of more than a hundred images, which are blended and come across coherently eventually forming a unit. The first is composed of combat depictions. The second group consists of Emmanuel Danso’s drills, his dream companions and the places where they happen. And it is also, in flashback, the recording of this singular combat that one day happened in Macau, which still continues to beleaguer the thoughts and emotions of the young Ghanaian boxer.