#02 Trees

During his childhood, when fate had placed him in distant lands, he would gaze at trees for hours, enchanted by their shapes, imagining how much they had lived.

He knew almost all of them by name. He never understood the reason that led him to give boys’ names to some and girls’ names to others. Perhaps their size, their delicacy, the number of branches or their foliage.

Life led him to other parts. He lost the immensity of that open spaces, but he managed to earn the right to have half a dozen olive trees in his garden, admiring them for their eternal youth. Sometimes, at night, he would talk to them. A habit from his childhood that he never lost. He considered them confidants, who heard him tell stories of a large tree in front of the house where he was born that was so big that not even two men together, with their long arms, could embrace it.