#03 Precipice

How to keep one’s balance on a risky path, crossing an abyss of many paces?

He had always dreamed about that adventure that challenged limits and human resistance. One day he decided that he just had to. It was essential to test his capacity to face the laws of nature and the imponderables of fear, without a divine hand to protect him from the risks of a fall and without any help other than his desire to overcome the unpredictable.

He chose a cloudy day so that the sun would not get in his eyes. He stretched a new cord firmly attached to the precipice at each end and started to cross it, beginning the walk that would bring him recognition. He took his first steps forward, without hesitation or ambiguity. And thus he continued straight ahead, advancing several metres.

He woke up suddenly, with a nervous start, unable to understand why he had decided to interrupt his steps and to jump halfway.