#08 Salgados II

Sunrise, on the heels of dawn, is the right time for a walk along Salgados beach. The sea at that time isn’t rough. Indeed, to tell the truth, it’s rarely rough. The sand remains smooth, with just a few scattered footprints of seagulls and other birds accompanying her.

These moments have a special feel when the mist is still rolling along the ground, as if it were too lazy to move away.

She used to be one of the first to step on these virgin night sands and to take a long walk along the water, pursued by bands of noisy seagulls, perhaps protesting at the invasion of a space that they considered only theirs. However, that was the time when she could speak her secrets out aloud, so that they could never again torment her soul.

After sunrise, creeping out of its secret hiding place beyond the horizon, that place would be transformed and lose its charm, invaded by hordes of people who did not know how to respect the sea or its mysteries.